J.U.D.A.S.   part 1  (PDF)

J.U.D.A.S.   part 1  (rtf)

J.U.D.A.S.   part 2  (PDF)

J.U.D.A.S.   part 2  (rtf)

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Martin Bryant is innocent

Unconscionable Behaviour by Westpac Banking Corporation

The TRUTH at Last

Jewry declared War on Germany, September 5, 1939


Chambers's Information for The People

Lodz ghetto, Poland 1944

The Big Three Warmongers

Bavarian Illuminati Pyramid

Members of a Major Private Secret Crime Syndicate

The Financing of the Bolshevist Revolution

Aryan women and children, Nazi, a Caucasian

Palestine Landloss

U.S. Nuclear weapons guarded by Israel

Servicemen mysteriously die after transport of nuclear warheads

Jews did it

Australia's Constitution Act

Mother Shipton's Prophesy

Fighting cancer alone

Healing Therapies & Modalites

Derivatives V Assets & Equity 2008


Israel's Nuclear bomb

British Empire 1876-78

A Nazi Flying Saucer

Adoption Act 1942

The Life of Christ

True apparition Of Jesus Christ 1960

True Apparition of Mary

Aztec Calendar Stone

The book that named names in the $600-billion a year drug trade